New plant introductions from around the world are represented by Pride of Place Plants

Clematis Maria Therese™uspp#24492

Posted in Clematis, Plant Portfolio, Vines

Delicate colors of  cream with a pretty raspberry mauve bar that  blend into the veins. A starburst of cream -colored stamens tipped with...

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Clematis hybrid Ibi

Posted in Clematis, Clematis from Japan, Plant Portfolio

Clematis  Ibi (named after a river in Japan) has stunning flowers of  rich white  with a lilac  hue on rounded tepals set apart by...

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Anenome hybrid ‘Macane 001’ uspp#23132 Wild Swan™ copf

Posted in Anenome, Perennials, Plant Portfolio

Wild Swan’s elegant large flowers have a  pure white face, highlighted by a circle of crisp chartreuse colored stamens, and the ...

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Delphinium Highlander™Series hybrid ‘Morning Sunrise’USPP#20380

Posted in Delphinium, Perennials, Plant Portfolio, The Highlander Series™ Double Dwarf Delphiniums

These gracious,multi-petalled, crisp white flowers with light-green centres have a whorled appearance that gives them a particular...

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Salvia microphylla x greggii Heatwave Glimmer Eggben 03uspp#24155

Posted in Collections, Flowering Shrubs, Perennials, Plant Portfolio, Salvia, Salvia Heatwave™ Collection

Glimmer produces massed displays of creamy white blossoms shown off by dark almost black calyx and green foliage throughout the warm...

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