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Salix integra ‘Flamingo’ USPP#17490 COPF

Posted in New Plant news

Salix integra Flamingo,  grown for many years by Fisher Farms in Oregon, they verify what we and the Dutch growers know! The improved...

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Dicentra spectabilis Valentine ® USPP22739 -compact red game changer, Award Winner!

Posted in Feature

Dicentra spectabilis Valentine®  USPP 22739 ᵖᵖᵃᶠ Spectacular new Dicentra, true Red, compact habit and hardy. Click here to read...

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Dicentra spectabilis Valentine ® Hordival #USPP22739, COPF

Posted in Dicentra, New Plant news, Perennials

Press Release Dicentra spectabilis hordival uspp22739 Valentine ®, copf wins top award ,    August 2012 ISU Evaluation of New...

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Clematis hybrid Rahvarinne uspp#22900

Posted in Clematis, Kivistik Clematis, Plant Portfolio, Vines

Rahvarinne’s large flowers are unique,tepals are broadly elliptic, overlapping, tip recurved, with a wavy margin .  The color is a...

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Dicentra spectabilis Valentine ® Hordival USPP22739,COPF

Posted in Dicentra, Perennials, Plant Portfolio

Valentine ® shows off tons of  rich racemes of true red, dangling puffed heart shaped flowers, set prolifically on dark red stems, on a...

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Gaura lindheimeri Colso USPP#14815 ‘Sunny Butterflies’

Posted in Gaura, Gaura Collection, Perennials, Plant Portfolio

This pretty variegated Gaura earns its name. Its unique variegated green and white edged foliage combines beautifully with the plant’s...

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Salix integra ‘Flamingo’ USPP#17490 COPF

Posted in Flowering Shrubs, Perennials, Plant Portfolio, Salix

Salix Flamingo  a much improved mutation of Salix Hakuro Hishiki, has resulted in no leaf scorch, stronger branches and much richer hues....

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