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Pride of Place Plants Inc. ™ – Your partner in bringing you fine new plant introductions

The best plants to produce are the ones that sell the most. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? What is tricky is to identify tomorrow’s retail trends and then locate the breeders who have the new and attractive cultivars that will meet the retail markets demand. Who has the time for all that research? That’s where POPP steps in. We have searched the world for the plants that will define the buying trends of the future.

We represent Plant breeders and discoverers from throughout the world to bring the growers the newest of their creations in vines, perennials, flowering shrubs, broadleaf evergreens and conifers.  We identify the buying trends and seek out the breeders with the varieties that will be selling in the upcoming years. We then facilitate the licensing and establishment of commercial production to meet the consumer demand for New and Better cultivars.

It takes many years to establish whether a plant has the criteria met to improve and provide success in the gardens be it through beauty, size, disease resistance etc. In the following pages we offer fabulous New Cultivars to assist you in your drive to provide your customer with something special to build their business.

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