New plant introductions from around the world are represented by Pride of Place Plants

Info for Plant Breeders and Hybridizers

Pride of Place Plants Inc.™ – a working partnership for Breeders and Discovers of New Plants

We work for you to provide a complete service to bring your New cultivar to market, and to protect your best interest at all times.
Assessment of your New variety with a professional view to give a well informed decision on your new plants market potential. With our extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of the nursery industry, we are well educated to direct you to the right professional nursery growers to trial and market your new variety.
Questions to ask:

  • Is your plant really special and New?
  • Is your plant garden worthy?
  • Does your plant have commercial and marketing value?
  • Can your plant be propagated effectively by the nursery trade?

We establish Trialing and Marketing agreements to protect your plant once we secure growers that will work with the plant. These best legally protect your plant from being exploited without your permission.
We keep you informed at regular intervals on the progress of the plant trials.
When the trials are successfully completed we will take care of the contracts and adminstration of marketing and licensing and provide you with regular market and financial reports.
We market and advertise your plant through our valuable website placement. Work with the growers when needed to help market, providing them advertisements to use for their sales.
We provide royalty collection with financial reporting from our network of special growers on a timely basis.
We consider us a team to bring your new cultivar the best possible results in offering something very special to the gardening world.

Contact us for information on our Breeder Partnership Program

Pride of Place Plants Inc.™
6110 Old East Road
Victoria, BC Canada
V8Y 1V6

Tel: 250-652-6713
Fax: 250-652-5408


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