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About Us

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About Us

Pride of Place Plants Inc., was started in 1996 by Rick and Jean Sorenson of British Columbia Canada.  Having an extensive background in the nursery industry since 1972, Owner/operators of a 40 acre wholesale nursery, land reclamation division and retail garden center, we always have strived to be innovative, focusing on quality and bringing new products from many parts of the world to growers, retailers and gardeners. Rick and his father Stan , started their business in 1972 and it became clear that the focus would always be high quality product with the addition of New Products added to their line of  tried and true plants. Stan was a superb nurseryman and worked with Rick closely, both having great passion in the nursery industry. Rick became a specialized nurseryman along side his father and competent in the growing and grafting of Prunus, Beech, Conifers and Salix, as well as specializing in clematis propagation. Stan had a love of breeding Exbury Azaleas and came up with some beautiful inventions, as a breeder, he was never monetarily rewarded for his efforts which was the usual in the gardening industry at that time. This prompted Rick to fill this void in the nursery industry, he saw a need and felt that the breeding work of nursery people should be honored and rewarded, this was his goal through his nurseryman years and  became a realty in 1996 with Pride of Place Plants Inc.


Rick SorensenRick was highly involved in   the New Plants Introduction Program with University of British Columbia in the 1980’s, even taking time out to raise a substantial amount of funds for the program to continue the universities work of the botanical gardens. This gave Rick many great opportunities to meet and learn from highly qualified nursery people from all over the world.  From all of this valuable experience we understand the requirements and challenges first hand to growers, propagators and retailers.


Jean SorensenJean focused on wholesale grower marketing, sales, and the retail garden center management through the years in the company and since 1996 solely on Pride of Place Plants, their breeders and grower contacts. Keeping current in the trade by travel, symposiums, etc.  Jean has always been passionate about gardens and a lover of plants, working on trial gardens, to enable a  complete guide and the photos needed  for the growers to promote our new plant introductions.


Devin SorensenRecently, Devin Sorenson has come on board with a degree in Commerce/ Entreprenership with a focus on marketing and advertising. He has always experienced seeing the love of plants and gardening from his parents! He is a great help to fill the modern times of advertising and computer applications for POPP.

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