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Clematis Engelina My Angel®

Clematis Engelina My Angel® 

Clematis My Angel, is a small flowering clematis that displays a bold medley of color. The petals are purple-bronze on the outside, yet yellow-orange inside with creamy edges. On close examination the leaves are colorful as well, infused with a bluish cast. In fall, spent blossoms explode into wispy, wiry, silver-white seed heads, extending the “bloom” season even further!

A unique tanguitica group of small flowers that are in clusters of 1-7 together on a purple vine. The cross of clematis var. orientalis x clematis intricata invented by plantsman Mr. Wim Snoeijer,The Netherlands

Blooming time August, September and October.

Prune to one foot or 30 cm above the ground in late winter or early spring. The flowers appear on New Spring growth.

Color: purple-yellow
Blooming Season: summer
Mature Height: 3 meters
Zone: 2-8
Pruning: 3

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