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Salvia Heatwave Collection New Varieties

Salvia Heatwave Collection adds two new plant introductions:

Introducing Brilliance, and Radiance the latest Heatwave   Salvias from Australia. These vibrant coloured salvias work well as a low informal hedge if kept lightly clipped, or an individual specimen in the garden, or large container.

The Heatwave  Salvias’ vibrant flower colors won’t appear washed out under bright summer skies.  They are compact aromatic evergreen shrubs which are easy to grow and very tolerant of dry hot conditions.

The Heatwave Salvias provide fast results for new gardens, lengthy color for mixed borders, container displays, definitely fitting today’s garden needs as a compact, water-wise family of plants reveling in sunshine and dry open soils.

Heatwave Blast

Heatwave Blaze

Heatwave Brilliance NEW

Heatwave Glare NEW

Heatwave Glimmer

Heatwave Glitter

Heatwave Glow NEW

Heatwave Radiance NEW

Heatwave Sparkle

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