New plant introductions from around the world are represented by Pride of Place Plants

Clematis hybrid Huvi uspp#22901

Posted in Clematis, Collections, Kivistik Clematis, New Plant news, Vines

Blooming in our POPP gardens October 20th, 2014! so nice to stroll the gardens and see Clematis Huvi with it’s rich red velvet like...

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Clematis hybrid Kaunitar uspp22677

Posted in Clematis, New Plant news, Vines

October 17th amazingly still Clematis Kaunitar in our garden, love the rich deep color of the early blooms and the delicate features as it...

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Campsis Kudian USPP#13139 Indian Summer™

Posted in Campsis, New Plant news, Vines

Campsis Indian Summer uspp#13139 still blooming for our Thanksgiving, spectacular show on a manageable Campsis! read more...

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Salvia microphylla x Heatwave BlazeEggben 05 uspp#24151

Posted in Flowering Shrubs, New Plant news, Salvia

Our amazing garden at Pride of Place Plants 2014, Victoria B.C. Canada! Salvia Heatwave Blaze has been blooming since May and is still...

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