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Salvia microphylla x Heatwave BlastEggben 02uspp#24153

Record high temperatures and no rain for the month of July in the Pacific Northwest. The Heatwave  Salvias are the answer to no care, very little watering. Try the color Blast, such a unique Salmon color, combine with the cream color of Glimmer with its unusual, almost black stems for a great look!

The Australian bred, Salvia Heatwave  Collection comes to the rescue! You can actually go on holidays and not worry about these Salvias!

Salvia microphylla x greggii Heatwave Blast is one of nine colors offered.  See our website for other fantastic trendy colors to match your garden landscape ideas.

All of the colors offer mass displays of intense colored flowers on a compact shrub.

Requiring minimal watering, fertilizing or pruning, seriously a gardener cannot not find gorgeous flowering plants that are this easy for many months. The don’t appear washed out under bright summer skies amazingly! They are nicely aromatic so that deer don’t like them, but the hummingbirds do!

The Heatwave’s eliminate the variable range of habits associated with many Salvia greggii forms on the market.

Ideal for water wise gardens or displayed in large tubs. Attract birds. Deer don’t like them!

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hybrids microphylla x greggii, bred by Howard Bentley of Australia.

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