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Alasdair and Elizabeth MacGregor

The MacGregors are the breeders of a fantastic New, Anemone hybrid Wild Swan 1st prize awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society Gold Medals at the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show.

Macane 01 uspp# 23132 Wild Swan™ established in 2001 and trialed extensively in the MacGregors’ nursery in  Kirkcudbright Scotland.

The plant is just so different, purple at the back and white at the front and it flowers for such a long time. It’s just a brilliant garden plant and that is why it was entered and eventually won the top recognition.”

Elizabeth’s increasingly passionate interest in plants and gardening eventually had to become a way of life so in 1988 the family moved to Kirkcudbright, a delightful town and fishing port in the south west of Scotland. The nursery has always concentrated on unusual hardy herbaceous plants, sold mainly by mail order and by exhibiting and selling at the larger flower shows in Scotland and England.

In 20 years of exhibiting, Elizabeth and Alasdair have been awarded countless medals for floral displays, including 9 gold medals from the The Royal Horticultural Society, with awards for the most creative display and the best floral exhibit at R.H.S. Tatton Park.

Over 50 new plants have been introduced by the nursery over the last 23 years!

For information on the Anemone Wild Swan  please visit this page

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