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Lonicera Honey Baby ®

Award winning Honey Baby® the unique bush honeysuckle!   Place in the garden as a specimen, hedge or container planting to enjoy the wonderful perfume and unique beauty from dawn until dusk!

Flowers abundantly grow in racemes together, first, buds appear purplish red, opening to colors of soft cream, light yellow and then to lemon yellow, while emitting a delightful perfume.  Red berries appear in the Fall.

After ten years of trials by plant breeders and scientists in Boskoop, Holland, the very specific criteria of creating a compact growing shrub instead of the usual vine form was metHoney Baby® is excellent plant for balcony and terrace.

Lonicera Honey Baby® x between Lonicera japonica  Halliana and Lonicera periclymenum ‘Belgica Select’ . A Silver Certificate of Valuation was awarded in Holland by the Dutch Nurseryman.

Inventor : Boskoop  Research Station for Ornamental Horticulture (The Netherlands)

Colour: soft cream to lemon yellow
Blooming Season: July through October
: 4-9
Mature Height:  H 20 cm x W 30 cm

Care: Not a climber but a bush,the odd bit of pruning to remove longer vine pieces if they appear to keep a shrub habit. For repeat blooming remove old flowers that form to seed’s, and you can have blooms for two months.

Tolerates most soils, winter hardy, best in full sun to part sun. Can be cut back each year to keep a nice compact bush shape.

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