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Clematis hybrid Silmakivi 22921

Silmakivi has the most pretty large Wisteria blue colored flowers with a bar that is a lighter blue, then offset with  pale yellow anthers on creamy white filaments. The 4-6 tepals are elliptic, with wavy edge.  Blooming continuously and very prolifically from late spring to late summer.   Excellent for container growing and small gardens, with its compact growth habit, meeting the current trends.

As with all of the fine Kivistik clematis hybrid selections, this clematis blooms annually, developing  flowers on the current seasons growth. Continued success is a sure thing with this clematis!

The Kivistik’s have resolved the frustrations of the past for the clematis gardeners!

Inventor:  Uno and Aili Kivistik, Estonia

Colour:  wisteria blue
Blooming Season: 
June through September
Prune: group 3
: 3-9
Mature Size:
 flower size 15 -20cm diameter /vine height 180 cm W 80cm

Care:  Plant in sun to partial shade in fertile, well-drained alkaline soil. Dig a hole 12 cm deeper than the root ball, then plant with enriched soil, ensuring the top of the root ball is slightly higher than ground level. Back fill with enriched soil.

Regular deep watering is important to ensure the root ball does not dry out. Fertilize consistently with a well balanced general fertilizer beginning in April at start of growth. To keep roots cool, use mulch to reduce the soil temperature. A once-a-year application of lime will do the trick. This Kivistik clematis has repeat blooming, so prune old flowers after finished, and you will enjoy more blooms.

Silmakavi  is well suited for cold climates and can be pruned 30cm  from the ground and then mulched before winter. It has been bred and tested for the climates of  Estonia. (group 3) Disease and insect resistance as well.

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