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Mr. Henk Kuijf, Uithoorn, The Netherlands

Mr. Henk Kuijf, Uithoorn, The Netherlands, nurseryman and breeder

Campsis x tagliabuana kudian “Indian Summer” ® USPP#13139

Clematis serratifolia ‘kugotia’ “Golden Tiara”™ USPP#10952

Campsis x ‘Kudian’“Indian Summer”®Patent USPP#13139 ,recognized by a gold medal , for the Best New Plant introduction of Plantarium 1998 in Boskoop, the Netherlands, and won the Prix d’Honneur for Jarditec 1999 in Paris France for Best new plant Introduction .  Parents of Indian Summer are grandiflora x radicans to produce a truly superb campsis. This new variety produces larger flowers and exhibits  a different flower color than either parent, and 1/2 the height of the others!

Clematis tanqutica ‘kugotia’ “Golden Tiara”®Patent: USPP #10952, was awarded the British Clematis Society’s “Certificate of Merit” and prestigious  “Valarasan-Toomey” award 1999.  Chosen because of its vigor, health and habit of growth, beauty of form and of bloom, abundance of flowering, color and impact, novelty and length of flowering period. Truly an improvement of others.

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