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Lyle and Phyllis Sarrazin, BC, Canada

Phyllis and Lyle Sarrazin, Prince George British Columbia, Canada

Dicentra breeders

The new discovery of Dicentra spectabilis Valentine® uspp#22739   was found by Lyle and Phyllis Sarrazin in Prince George, B.C., Canada.
The Sarrazins are keen gardeners – amazingly, in the difficult climates that northern British Columbia can offer. After seeding their Dicentra plants for sale they noticed a very special plant and decided to hold it back for trials, eventually contacting POPP telling of their discovery.
Thank goodness they did because Valentine® is a true game changer in the world of Dicentras, that very favorite old fashioned perennial. See our description for all the details.
We won’t be surprised if the Sarrazins come up with something very unique and special from their garden again some day!

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