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Notice of Honor for the Kivistik hybrid, Clematis hybrid Minister uspp#22899 April 2012

Pride of Place Plants announces Notice of Honor for the Kivistik family with their hybrid, Clematis ‘Minister’

“Notification from Everett Leeds, BCS Trials Ground Co-coordinator, to inform you that your cultivar C. ‘Minister’ has been awarded a Commended Certificate following its trial period of three years at the British Clematis Society Trials ground situated at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Deers Farm Estate at Wisley, Surrey. It gained 72.2% of marks. The award will be presented 14th April 2012 at Exeter Hall, Oxford Road, Kidlington, Oxfordshire”


The process: Clematis cultivars are entered by their raiser or bought randomly by the Society from garden centres. Three examples of each are planted against each obelisk support and trialed for three years. The judges visit every week for the growing season each year and assess the plants for their performance especially taking notice whether the flower is a new form.

Note: for plants of Clematis Minister, contact Roseville Farms or Mailorder:

See Kivistik Clematis and the Kivistik Family on the POPP website for details of their fine and unique hybrids.

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  1. An awesome-looking new plant. Where will it be available in the US? I have the perfect place and would like to trial it!

    • Hi Kirk;
      I will try to find it for you. I believe you can get it by mail order at, but I will verify that.

      • Hi Kirk;
        I have found out that I can have a plant of Clematis Ministers sent to you, I will just need your mail information and phone number, maybe e mail as well. Glad you like it.
        Kind regards;


  1. Clematis Minister uspp22899merit of excellance award! | New Plants from Pride of Place - […] The Kivistik’s have resolved the frustrations of the past for the clematis gardeners! Clematis Minister impressed the judges for British…

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