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Dicentra spectabilis Valentine ® Hordival #USPP22739, COPF

Dicentra spectabilis Valentine® 4 April 2013Press Release

Dicentra spectabilis hordival uspp22739 Valentine ®, copf

wins top award ,    August 2012 ISU Evaluation of New Perennials in The Netherlands.

The ISU (the International Hardy Plant Union) was founded in Hannover on the 14th January 1965 by German, Dutch and Swiss nurserymen, with the idea of co-ordinating their interests on an international basis. From these early beginnings, the ISU has developed into an association of perennial plant growers and persons from related professions, with approx. 500 members in 17 European countries, as well as in the USA, Canada and Argentina.

The ISU is the only worldwide association of perennial plant growers. It connects professionals and promotes contacts all over the world.The promotion of the exchange of experiences on an international level

The primary aim of the ISU is to promote contacts among the perennial plant growers and users from different countries in the field of the cultivation, the assortments, the trade and the use of perennials.

The ISU also facilitates business connections. Thanks to the ISU young nurserymen find jobs abroad where they can make further professional studies. Another kind of contact could promote the development of product assortments in particular nurseries.
The evaluation of perennial plants deals with comparing and assessing perennial plant assortments. The focus is on cultivation suitability and garden value of the perennials. Depending on the use (habitat), different properties may be sought-after. For boarder habitats, for example, we are looking for perennial plants that have a high ornament value, that are healthy and have a good aspect for as long as possible. The properties of the perennial plants are examined in special evaluation gardens.

One of the most important goals of the ISU is the co-ordination of perennial plant evaluation on an international level and the exchange of information and evaluation results. For this reason every two years a special evaluation meeting takes place on occasion of the ISU Congress.

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