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Thuja plicata 4 Ever Goldy ® USPP#19,267 EU#2004/0365

Talk about eye-catching! It takes just a glimpse to become smitten with this vibrant chartreuse, pyramid-shaped bushy conifer that offers year-round interest.  It hardly sheds any foliage the way other thuja do and there is little risk of sunburn – another redeeming quality!  Compact, hardy, steadfast in colour, Goldy has what it takes to make either a great stand-alone specimen or a formal hedge that will make the neighbour’s envious.

“Goldy” is a huge improvement over previous offerings. Thuja plicata is native to many forests on the west coast of North America. Over the years, a number of selections, such as Atrovirens and Excelsea, have been introduced, as have several mottled golden selections.

Inventor: Dries Luijten, The Netherlands

Colour:  chartreuse-golden yellow with intense red branches.

Blooming season:  Year-round. Fall produces nice red sprouts

Zone: 5

Mature Size: H 30 m x W 5-9 m

Care: Plant in drained, moist, slightly acidic soil. Plant in full sun.  This cultivar is an easy rooter and will make saleable grade in a very short time. In the early years of its development it resembles Thuja occidentalis cultivars, although it isn’t as hardy.

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