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Potentilla fruiticosa Marrob Marian Red Robin® USPP #9321, PBR 0120, COPF

Red Robin‘s vibrant brick-red flowers with bright yellow centers are displayed among dainty dark green leaves. An improvement over Red Ace because its  a smaller plant and has redder flowers  lasting longer at both ends of the growing season. While Red Ace’s flowers  fade in summer from red to yellow, Red Robin’s flowers blend from red to orange and are particularly stunning in the cooler fall garden to enjoy when other flowers have gone by the way. Wonderful in mixed borders or low hedge in small or large gardens.

Inventor:  Laddie deJong, Ireland

Colour: brick red, 3cm in diameter

Blooming season: early summer to late fall


Mature Size: H 60 cm x W 60 cm

Care: This virtually disease-free deciduous compact mounding shrub does best in partial shade because the hot sun will cause it to fade to orange faster. Plant in average, neutral or alkaline well-drained loam soil, but it can adapt to sandy or gravelly soils. Does not grow well in hot, humid climates. To keep a nice mounding shape, prune lightly after blooming. Extremely hardy, it will take all that winter weather throws at it!

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