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Lavandula stoechas ‘Hazel’ USSP# 20894

The extraordinary abundance of rich, dark, violet-blue flowers makes Lavender ‘Hazel’ unique when compared to others lavenders.  These large blooms, with spikes of 3 cm and bracts of 1.2 cm, rise triumphantly 6 cm above fresh sage-colored foliage. The sensual, strong lavender fragrance makes this variety all the more special. Wonderful as a hedge planting but also beautiful  in a container or specimen plant.

 Monrovia Growers likes because it is less vulnerable to falling open with age than other lavenders. Ideal for borders, cottage gardens and containers. Evergreen.

Hazel” is named after Hazel Tildsey, a passionate lover of flowers. The hybrid originates from Invercargill, New Zealand, where a seedling of Lavandula ‘Marshwood’ was crossed with an unknown parent. The result is a plant that is similar in appearance to ‘Marshwood’ when young but with flowers that are much more vibrant.

Inventor:  Clive Larkman Nurseries, Victoria, Australia.

Colour: Violet blue

Blooming Season: mid-spring through mid-summer

Zone: 6-10

Mature size:  H 30 cm x W .75  cm

Care:  Plant in full sun in loose, free draining soil. Drought tolerant but needs water occasionally.  For the home garden, application of a well-balanced compost or slow released general purpose fertilizer and a small amount of lime will benefit the plants before the new growth in spring. Prune lightly after flowering to encourage bushiness and new flower growth for the next season. Heavier pruning in mid-autumn prolongs the life of the plant.

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