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Lavandula stoechas ‘Winter Bee’ USPP#20840

‘Winter Bee’ with it’s violet-blue flowers forming masses of tight bundles on sage green foliage that look like a swarm of bumble bees!

This variety unusually produces flowers with four to six terminal bracts, blooms three weeks earlier than other stoechas and lasts far longer, with new flowers appearing continuously on a mounding habit that resists breaking apart.  For the best impact highlight in your garden in a grouping or even a hedge!


Inventor:  Clive Larkman of Larkman Nurseries,Victoria, Australia

Colour: violet blue on sage green foliage

Blooming season:  Late spring to early fall

Zone: 6-10

Mature size:  H25 cm x  W 45 cm

Care:  Plant in full sun in loose, free draining soil. Drought tolerant but needs water occasionally.  For the home garden, application of a well-balanced compost or slow released general purpose fertilizer and a small amount of lime will benefit the plants before the new growth in spring. Prune lightly after flowering to encourage bushiness and new flower growth for the next season. Heavier pruning in mid-autumn prolongs the life of the plant

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