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Hydrangea serrata Spreading Beauty™

Inventor:   Robert and Jelena de Belder, Belgium


Plants: A lovely, compact hydrangea with pink-to-lilac flowers that are carried on flat, semi-spherical heads. This relatively low, broad-spreading deciduous shrub makes a beautiful specimen in the front of the garden or in a contrasting container. The green foliage is extra special, turning a charming ruddy red in the fall.


Colour:  fertile flowers pink to lilac blue, sterile lilac pink

Blooming season: early summer to fall

Zone: zone 4-8

Mature Size:   H 60 cm x W 90 cm

Care: Grow in full sun or light shade in a moist but well drained soil, supplemented with moss, leaf mold or compost. Use aluminium sulfate to acidify the soil. The leaf buds of this large leafed lacecap bloom on previous season’s growth so any pruning to control height should be done immediately after flowering.  The plant is extremely winter hardy.

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