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Gaura lindheimeri Crimson Butterflies USPP#13189, COPF

 The breeder of Crimson Butterflies  can boast a true  compact form, and a very special change to its other gaura relatives.  The foliage is a deep burgundy shade that is particularly intense whilst young but still apparent in the slightly greener more mature leaves. In addition to this ornamentation is a long display of unusually deep, hot pink clumps of flowers are borne on far shorter, stouter red stems rising just above the attractive foliage.  Ideal for small gardens and containers.

Flower Color: shocking pink flower, deep burgundy  foliage 

Blooming Season: late spring/summer/fall

Zone: 5-10

Mature Size:  (H 45 cm x W 60 cm)

Inventor:  Howard Bentley and Steve Eggelton of Australia

Care: Plant in a sunny location. This xeriscape perennial flourishes in hot, dry conditions but mulching and when given regular deep  irrigation is very helpful. It is drought, humidity and heat-tolerant. Adapts to almost any soil but best in moist fertile soil. Plant in Perennial borders and naturalized areas , also excellent as a potted highlight for the outdoor living space. To prune, cut off the top 1/3 of the plant in early spring to promote flower production.

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