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Gaura lindheimeri Benso USPP#14661 ‘Blushing Butterflies’

Inventor:  Howard Bentley and Steve Eggelton of Australia
Plants: This variety’s coy pink blossoms, held upright by stems above rich dark green foliage, have a long flowering season. Its stems culminate in racemes of petal flowers, which open a few at a time. This plant has great landscape value.


Colour: Blush pink with intense, dark-green foliage
Blooming Season: early spring to frost; most abundant in late spring /summer/fall

Zone: 5-10
Mature Size: H 60 cm x W 60 cm
Care: Plant in a sunny location. This xeriscape perennial flourishes in hot, dry conditions but mulching and regular deep irrigation are helpful. Drought-, humidity-  and heat-tolerant, it adapts to almost any soil – but prefers it moist and fertile. Lovely in perennial borders and naturalized areas, it is also excellent as a potted highlight for outdoor living space. Prune by cutting off the top third of the plant in early spring to promote flower production.

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