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Delphinium Highlander™Series hybrid ‘Morning Sunrise’USPP#20380

These gracious,multi-petalled, crisp white flowers with light-green centres have a whorled appearance that gives them a particular elegance.All this beauty stands proudly upright on a flower stem 52 cm in length. The sturdy spike supports some 60 florets and holds itself high where other delphiniums often fall down. Each floret is 6 cm in diameter x deep and has 45 petals per floret.  Foliage is a medium green, starting in a rosette arrangement at the plant base and alternating along the flowering stem. This delphinium looks ravishing in the middle or front of the perennial garden – great for showing off how unique it is. It is also wonderful as a cut flower.

Inventor: Tony Coakley- Glasgow, Scotland

Colour: Crisp white with green center

Zone: 4-9

Blooming season:  early through late summer continuously
Mature Size:  H 105cm x W60cm

Care:Plant in full sun to part shade. Keep well watered, well drained and well fertilized for best flowering and growth. Grows in most soils but results are best in humis-rich soil. Prune spent flowers stalks and old shoots to encourage re-blooming.

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