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Clematis hybrid ‘Eyers Gift’

Unusual mid-blue colouring that turns to deep purple towards the centre – and cream stamens with purple- tipped anthers – make the large and overwhelmingly abundant flowers on this vine a standout. The flowers have six or seven elliptically shaped tepals, with pointed tips and wavy margins.

The many admirers of large clematis blossoms appreciate the late-flowering kind, which can expand an otherwise limited growing season. Because blue cultivars in this category are so rare, this new variety is even more desirable. Excellent for container or garden planting.

Inventor:  Barry Fretwell, England


Colour:  blue – purple

Blooming Season:  June through October

Zone: 4-9

Mature Size: H 2m


Care:  Plant in sun to partial shade in fertile, well-drained alkaline soil. Dig a hole 12 cm deeper than the root ball, then plant with enriched soil, ensuring the top of the root ball is slightly higher than ground level. Back fill with enriched soil.

Regular deep watering is important to ensure the root ball does not dry out. Fertilize consistently with a well balanced general fertilizer beginning in April at start of growth. To keep roots cool, use mulch to reduce the soil temperature. A once-a-year application of lime will do the trick. Prune group 2. This clematis has repeat blooming, so prune old flowers after finished. Light pruning to strong buds in April is recommended to promote branching.  Support with a trellis or archway.

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