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Mr. Frederick Manfred Westphal, Germany

Mr. Frederick Manfred Westphal, Germany

Clematis breeder

Mr. Westphal has been in the culture of clematis for impressively over 50 years. He passionately tries to collect and breed new varieties, and strives to have as many advantageous features as possible in a single variety when it is put to use in the garden. As well as a plant having to be healthy and winter hardy, another important feature is that it has to have a long and continuous flower period.  Mr. Westphal has successfully offered more than 20 superb clematis hybrids to his collection for gardeners to enjoy.

Prisdorf Germany

Pride of Place Plants Inc., represents Mr. Westphal, in his fine breeding of Clematis “Konigskind Climador” ™ USPP#21740P2 and Clematis “Maria Louise Jensen”™ USPP#21713P2 and Clematis “Rosa Konigskind” ™ PPAF. Clematis Plum Passion patent approved, Clematis Blue Jeanne patent approved and many more

In the case of these three superb clematis hybrids, Mr. Westphal has fit the criteria most notably as very suitable clematis for container plantings for the smaller gardens or patios of these current times. They are very free flowering and compact blooming May through September for longevity.



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