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Mr. Barry Fretwell, Devon, England

Mr. Barry Fretwell, England

Clematis breeder

Mr. Barry Fretwell , an extremely knowledgable gardener and exceptional  hybridist of clematis situated in Christow, Exeter, Devon,England.  The breeding work of Mr. Barry Fretwell is a collection designed and bred to give constant color from summer until Fall, thus satisfying  the demands of modern gardens and patios. The emphasis is on easy, trouble-free growth, with many varieties being wilt-resistant.

His skilled and time-consuming labour of love has been carried out alongside the considerable pressure of single-handedly running a nursery.

Barry has great satisfaction of knowing that wherever his clematis are grown, the fine plants raised by him are giving improved success and pleasure from his inventions.

Comments of Barry’s on his introduction C. “Patricia Ann Fretwell”

“The greater part of my hybridizing program is concentrated on working with the species but, on occasions, use is made of large-flowered hybrids. Such was the case in respect of C. “Patricia Ann Fretwell”.

My intention was to experiment with the use of C. texensis hybrids in breeding. Selected as parents were C. texensis “Gravetye Beauty” and the delectable, large-flowered, double in form C. “Miriam Markham” In due course, the first flower opened – in single form – to reveal a lively, appealing flower of a warm clear pink with rich red bars along the sepals; the latter justifying the input of C. texensis “Gravetye Beauty”.”

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