New plant introductions from around the world are represented by Pride of Place Plants

Howard Bentley and Steve Eggleton, Australia

Howard Bentley and Steve Eggleton , Australia

Salvia, Lavender, Nemesia and Gaura breeders

This Australian team is renowned for their innovative, targeted breeding programs, launching many new ornamental varieties onto the Australian market over the past 20 years. With extensive horticultural careers combining more than 50 years experience, both Howard Bentley and Steve Eggleton consistently push the boundaries in ornamental horticulture. They travel the world sourcing new genetics, identifying opportunities and gathering inspiration for new breeding concepts.

“Our breeding is focused on introducing quality new ornamental plants. We recognize that success comes in all facets from propagation to production, retail presentation and of course – most importantly – outstanding garden performance.”

Pride of Place Plants Inc., is proud to have worked closely with Howard and Steve for many years. Plants that are represented on the pages of our website include Salvia greggi “Heatwave” series, Lavender “With Love” ™, Nemesia “Confetti” series, Gaura lindeheimeri “Crimson”, “Sunny” and “Blushing Butterflies”.

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