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Mr. Frank Benson, Australia

Frank Benson, Australia

Agapanthus breeder


Agapanthus orientalis ‘Benfran’ “Baby Pete”™ USPP#21705 – Frank Benson has always had a love of science. After completing his Bachelor of Science, Frank found himself drawn into the world of micropropagation. In 1986 he established his own business, Benson Micropropagation which has flourished under his drive and passion to produce quality plants. Frank prides himself on being a sound scientist and thrives on receiving respect from his industry peers.

When completing a house extension, Frank planted out 400 Agapanthus ‘Peter Pan’. From this batch arose a dwarf sport which he isolated and subsequently spent 10 years trialling to ensure it was true to type in tissue culture production. The rest, as they say, is history. Today Frank continues his work in micropropagation and looks forward to supplying the market with quality plants for years to come.

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