New plant introductions from around the world are represented by Pride of Place Plants

Victoria BC Canada garden centres carry POPP plants

Rick and Jean Sorenson of POPP tour Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Garden Centres and find some Pride of Place Plants New Plant Introductions offered to gardeners close to home. Not surprising when Victoria  is  known as the garden city!

We were impressed with how nicely displayed and labeled our growers’ plants are that the garden centers and growers have offered to their customers. Here are a couple of photos of what we found.

Thuja plicata ‘ 4 Ever’ “Goldy” ® USPP#19,267 EU#2004/0365 in a superb display of chartreuse color, and Dicentra spectabilis Valentine®uspp 22739,  COPF the red game changer, at the GardenWorks Garden Centre on Bleinkinsop Rd  (worth visiting while visiting Victoria)

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