New plant introductions from around the world are represented by Pride of Place Plants

Roseville Farms, Florida – Pride of Place Plants Partner

Jean Sorenson visits Florida at Roseville Farms in a very busy shipping season of clematis. Owner Mr. David Raab shows about the unique systems of their clematis propagation nursery and how they provide a ready to go product for the finishing growers to produce a product that presents itself in time for the important window of garden centre selling season. The goal that is met by Roseville is to have buds and bloom at the all-important peak sales opportunity of Spring, and amazingly, they can accomplish that for their valued customers.

An impeccable propagation nursery! Pride of Place Plants and their breeders are proud to work with Roseville Farms to offer New Introductions from around the world.

See our Pride of Place Plants Facebook site for more photos and info from Roseville Farms Clematis Nursery.

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