New plant introductions from around the world are represented by Pride of Place Plants

Hardy Plant Society Symposium 2009

The Hardy Plant Society Symposium….

Pride of Place Plants attends and displays New Clematis Introductions from Around the World to the 400 attendees in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada. A very special guest presentation was given about Clematis by Dr. Mary Toomey of Ireland, author with colleague Mr. Everett Leeds. Make sure to get their book ‘An Illustrated Encylopedia of Clematis ( link ) published in association with the British Clematis Society, this is a must-have book for Clematis lovers.


POPP was able to obtain small plants to offer the many eager folks that wished to have something very special in their gardens to take home with them.


Devin and Jean Sorenson worked the booth, with a fabulous PowerPoint presentation by Devin to show the superb varieties that are offered by our breeder and grower partners.

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