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Dedicated to bringing you fine new plants from around the world. Pride of Place Plants Inc. is the go-to resource trusted by wholesale growers and propagators to introduce, market and distribute their unique new plant varieties. We assist with the US and International plant patent process, as well as with trials management, sales strategy, marketing and promotion for plant breeders worldwide. Clients rely on us for unique and proven plant varieties – the winners that drive market demand.

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Clematis Fuchsia Flash uspp#26879

Posted in Clematis, New Plant news, New Plants, Plant Portfolio, Vines

New!! blooms are stunning hot cerise pink on a compact clematis vine. We are excited and honored to offer this clematis, it is like no other pink in the market! “Fuchsia Flash” uspp#26879 is a large...

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Clematis Blue Jeanne and Purple Climador™ patent approved

Posted in New Plant news, New Plants

Introducing two New large flowering compact Clematis hybrids bred by Mr. F.M. Westphal of Prisdorf Germany. Clematis growers and clematis gardens will want these newbies, Clematis Blue Jeanne ppaf and Clematis...

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Clematis Purple Climador™ Plum Passion uspp#26506

Posted in Clematis, Collections, Plant Portfolio, Vines, Westphal Clematis

New Clematis from Germany, here is a beautiful deep plum purple colored compact...

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Clematis hybrid Blue Jeanne uspp#26505 patent approved

Posted in Clematis, New Plants, Plant Portfolio, Vines, Westphal Clematis

New ! The sunny sky blue color of Manfred Westphal’s New Clematis...

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New Plant List from Pride of Place

Posted in New Plants

New Plant Introductions Alphabetically Agapanthus orientalis Benfran USPP#21705...

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Anenome hybrid ‘Macane 001’ uspp#23132 Wild Swan™ copf

Posted in Anenome, New Plant news

Skagit Gardens offers the award winning Anemone Wild Swan uspp#21705 at...

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Lithodora diffusa ‘Star’ USPP#10096,copf

Posted in New Plant news

PANTONE’s 2015 Classic Blue inspires calm, confidence & harmony, be...

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Lavandula stoechas With Love uspp22709

Posted in Lavandula, New Plant news

Plan a Mothers Day promo with Lavender With Love  it  is the best one, the...

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Agapanthus orientalis Benfran USPP#21705 Baby Pete USPP#21705

Posted in New Plant news

Agapanthus Baby Pete uspp#21705   order now online to have shipped to your...

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Clematis hybrid Rituaal uspp#22903

Posted in New Plant news

How nice to be able to pick Clematis Rituaal from our garden today for a center...

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